Miami Vice
We would like to raise $1,000,000 initially to help pay for additional writers and other expenses to help complete the script.  A second round of funding can easily be raised through private and institutional investors with the completed script in order to begin production and hire well known actors to make this movie a Hollywood hit.

You can have the title of director or executive producer in this film or be one of the stars . This will create in excess of a several hundred jobs.  Contact us at if you interested in funding this movie.
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Inspirations for the movie are as follows:           
"Miami Vice"  "The Sopranos"  "Savages"  "Scarface"
"Miami Kingpins" is modern era action packed crime drama about drug cartels in South Florida as never seen before!  This is the story of the drug cartel families, from Cubans, Haitians, Russians to Mexicans, in South Florida, including the local Miami undercover narcotics unit the DEA, Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI and CIA, etc. We will also include some Japanese mafia called the Yakuza and some terrorists groups in this movie. This will be an action packed movie full of suspense and excitement. This story is registered with Writers Guild of America East, registration number: 1256820. To be filmed in 2014-2015 for release in the summer of 2015-2016.
Miami Kingpins
Location: Florida
You can mingle with all the beautiful ladies on set. You may even become famous if you are not already.
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